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October 18, 2004



All one has to do is to look at the magnificant acheivements that kerry has accomplished in his marvelously outstanding career in order to see where he would lead this country in the twenty first century. This man has no substance of real merit to speak of, and he is not as resourceful as the media has portrayed him to be, so A draft would be right up his ally.

In the case for kerry, there is nothing new under the sun.


"I don't understand how "college students" can be so dumb as to think Bush would bring back the draft and Kerry wouldn't."

You've already stated the key to unlocking this mytery: COLLEGE STUDENTS! These are the ones who believe that when they die all knowledge and wisdom in the world will die with them.

NYPD Green

I agree with your post Adrian. I don't know if you are a college student yourself, but if you are, I'd encourage you and any othr college Republicans, to cram these facts down your liberal counterparts throats.The Armed Forces will see a number of departures due to lack of faith in a man like Kerry,opposed to a retention rate during wartime under President Bush, that his detractors have been hard pressed to acknowledge.

Then there is his promise of 40,000 more soldiers, once he is elected. That is a number that we should all be stressing, from now until November 2. I mean, I for one, don't foresee a liberal wave of patriotism, if their man is elected, causing a backup at the recruiting offices. Maybe some leftist professors can help rally the troops for such a promise, no?


Why do "college students" belive Bush will bring back a draft? Bush, Cheney, Rummy will never be up for elected office again after this election. Bush is stubborn, won't admit mistakes. Bush is the "war president" and the "war president" is running out of troops for Iraq, so when he wants to invade another "axis of evil" country, he'll need more troops then he doesn't currently has.


College students are not dumb. First off, you say thousands upon thousands of active duty soldiers will not sign up again if Kerry is elected. Where did you get those numbers? Did you personally interview the so-called thousands? Besides, even if they didn't sign up, Bush would keep them in the military anyway thanks to his "Stop-Loss" program. It seems thousands are attempting to leave under Bush, but are being prevented to do so. Additionally, Kerry has said he will get the 40,000 students by offering them 4 years of college for 2 years of military service. I would argue that it is YOU who are ignorant and wholly without merit, and not college students. College students actually care about the facts, and the facts are strongly critical of George W. Bush. I doubt I will return to this site, but if you want a personal response from me, I would be more than happy to start up an e-mail dialogue with anyone who reads this. My address is untitledpicture@hotmail.com. Feel free to drop me a line if you wish to discuss the truth of the issues.


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