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October 19, 2004


W. Ian Blanton

So...lemme see if I get this straight. Because your left-leaning(possibly loony) neighbor is close-minded, ALL kerry supporters have "drunk the kool-aid".

Well, that certainly makes sense. *shaking head*

As far as the Bush administration goes, it's not the "empire building" part that concerns me, it's the "incompetent" part, which is why he needs his pink slip.


They aren't drinking the kool-aid anymore...they are snorting it dry instead...it gets to their little brains faster. Isn't it funny they can never point to specifics, just keep spouting the talking points.

Got a call last night from one of Kerry's little college girl phone bank volunteers reminding me to vote.

I thanked her and told her I would be voting Bush...she asked me "why" and I asked her "why not"...her answer was "Bush is bad"...I asked for a few more details.

She mentioned stem cell research and aids. I asked her if she knew that Bush spent twice the money on aids programs than Clinton did and her response was, "He did". I also asked her if she knew that Bush was the first president to fund stem cell research. She told me she had no idea.

I wonder how the rest of her calls went.


I had an experience this passed weekend with a democook. I live in Alabama and don't have the chance to encounter alot of nutty democook protestors (this is Bush country afterall). However, last Saturday I saw two weirdos standing outside Wal-Mart holding up signs that said "Honk for Kerry-Edwards". As I was driving by, I gave the guy a big thumbs down signal and he went CRAZY! He started yelling and cursing all because I turned my thumb down. I pulled my car over a got out to ask him if he had a problem. As soon as I got out he and his "partner" quickly threw down their signs and ran into the store. What is up with these people?


The amazing thing is how, to them, EVERY conservative is an "extreme right winger". Man, if they think BUSH is extreme, they'd hate me. And I consider myself only a "fairly" conservative. But Bush, he's a bit too liberal for me on many issues. These leftists are just simply unhinged.


I have been noticing the Kerry Edwards signs pop up in my neighborhood lately, here in a Houston suburb, and it dawned on me recently what is happening...

That's where the lawyers live!


I've yet to see a sane Kerry supporter (or sane ABB suppoerter). They all seem a little whacked.

Sure there are a few misguided people who are just against the war in iraq, but those are few and far between. For the most part, the ABB crowd is just nuts


I always expect people who are confident that they know what's true to be eager to discuss it with others, as often as they are able. If you're neighbor is so certain he knows the truth, it's not very neighborly of him to refuse to try to enlighten your poor benighted soul. So maybe he's just not at all sure he can defend his cliche riddled position.

Bill Lies

Democracy is a "Extreme Right Wing" position only if you are a Communist!


I got a call from America Coming Together Sunday night. They asked me who I was voting for. To get a response I told them I am undecided. The lady then asked what is most important to me in this election? I stated the economy. She immediately stated she had relatives who lost their jobs to outsourcing. I asked who they worked for because they ain't right. She paused for 15 secs and couldn't name the company. I started laughing. I then proceded to ask her about the 70's when the american auto worker where losing jobs due to decrease in market share to the Japanese. She cut me off and to me they don't matter. I then proceded to cite it appears Honda, Toyota now have factories here in U.S.A. So isn't this outsourcing business cylical? She didn't have a response. I told her to sell me on why I should vote for Kerry. She went onto stock market and how it lost money. I told her the market is up this year. She stated it isn't. I laughed. She then proceded to the environment and how the logging companies are ruining the forest with Bush's deforestation plan by taking out the trees faster than they can grow back. I asked her if she planted any trees lately. She said yes 3 with a group of people. She lives in NY and teaches college and the environment is dear to her. I asked where should the loggers get their wood? She couldn't tell me. She then started accusing me of being Republican and hung up. So much for a good debate.


This lawyer bashing has got to stop guys and gals - because it simply is not true or accurate. Yes, the ABA is very much behind Kerry. However, remember that the ABA is controlled by the trial lawyers, who in turn are controlled by the Plaintiff's bar. Plaintiff's lawyers are the ones making the really big money, and they spend a lot of it supporting democrats who oppose tort reform. However, the Plaintiff's bar only makes up maybe 5-10% (at best) of all lawyers in the United States - and they do not represent all lawyers. I work in a firm of 45 lawyers. of that 45, probably 35 are going to vote for President Bush. In fact, if you take out the Plaintiff's lawyers I know, there are very few (and I live in St. Louis) that I know who are voting for Kerry. So please, stop saying that "lawyers" are for Kerry, and if you are a lawyer you have to be liberal - because it is not accurate. In fact I would bet if you surveyed corporate attorneys, or tax attorneys, or patent/trademark lawyers, the majority would say they are voting Republican. The only other class of lawyers who may vote democrat are estate planning attorneys, as the permanent elimination of the estate tax would really kill their business.


Somewhere the dems have lost the sense of democracy that our country was built upon. To agree to diagree respectfully. Their new mantra is, say as we say, do as we do, and ask no questions.


Adrian Spidle wrote:

"I responded "Trying to bring Democracy to the Middle East doesn't seem so bad to me." and he responded "You're not open minded, you're brain washed. I don't want to discuss this with you anymore."

I have a problem with people who tell me Im not open minded, as if to say that If I were open minded they could fill my mind with whatever dribble they were spewing. But since I question them and they have no basis for what they say It is I who is ignorant.
LOL imagine that.

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