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October 28, 2004



To tell the truth, I don't think he has enough integrity to be a pacifist. Obviously, he didn't listen to his mother on her deathbed. (....integrity, integrity, integrity).

I don't know WHAT label suits him. I think he is a vain, shallow, pandering, creep that will tell anyone what they want to hear. He will also tell any lie that will gain him the approval of those he wants to impress. Additionally, I think he is so eager to be in the spotlight that he will go any extent to get attention. Even to the point of treason.

No, I don't think he's a pacifist. A pacifist has a belief system. This guy has nothing.


This comment is in NO WAY a comparison of John Kerry to Sir Bernard Law Montgomery. Sir Bernard's name is used ONLY in the context of a quote by General George S. Patton, Jr., just prior to the Normandy Invasion in 1944. By most accounts, Sir Bernard was well liked and respected by his men and superiors alike, which is patently NOT the case with Kerry.

The British, Sir Bernard, et. al., always talked a great game of "lightning war" but could never quite pull it off. The "talk fast, fight slow" approach to war, as my father once told me (Normandy D+6, St. Lo, Paris 1944).

When General Patton was asked how Montgomery will do during the the attempt to close the Falaise Gap (between Caen and Paris), Patton stated that Montgomery ".....will jump out from behind his tree with all the fury of an enraged rabbit." At least one half of the German troops in the Falaise area escaped to fight another day (the Ardennes "Battle of the Bulge" at Christmastime, 1944 [how many thousands of American casualties?]) due to Montgomery's inaction and "talk fast, fight slow" philosophy. (He was always "consolidating" [whatever the Hell that meant] his forces and continually lost opportunities that cost lives in the long run)

Kerry strikes me as the epitome of the "talk fast, fight slow" and the dithering "consolidating" philosophies. He talks a great enraged rabbit's game by pontificating: "I shall not allow...(pick a topic)" then go right ahead and "allow" since he really doesn't have the courage of ANY conviction. HE HAS NO CONVICTIONS!!! Or, at least none he is willing to put himself on the line for.

This attitude as the Commander in Chief will not only cost American lives, it could very well, cost us the entire country!

He is a "Sad Sack" that is only worthy of carrying a pin on a stick for picking up trash on some military base's quad. Or, better yet, he should be in durance vile (brig, for you squids out there) for his crimes against our country and military.

All you "Sad Sack"s out there: please forgive for the insult!!


>>Around three or four million human beings were killed by Southeast Asian Communists directly as a result of the “work” of John Kerry and his supporters.

Yes, but what about the two to four million slaughtered by you and other dumb American kids turned into psychopathic killers by the anti-communist ideology? If you want a comparison to Hitler and Stalin, I'd pick Nixon over Osama Bin Ladin in numbers of victims alone.

And now I'm reading a lot of reports from Iraq about how there's a whole new crop of American psychopaths over in Iraq terrorizing and murdering those poor people.

Pacifists aren't evil. They don't do the killing. I think you should look in the mirror... who are the killers? Hitler didn't personally kill anybody so far as I know. But who were the soldiers who were willing to kill for Hitler's ideals? The same type of person who was willing to kill for Nixon's ideals in the 70s or the neocon's ideals today.

God please don't let my son get drafted into the coalition of the killing.


Strange to read this, John Kerry pledged to IMPROVE on Bush's war, not end it. The only problem he had was not enough Europeans participating to keep the niggers (Iraqis) down.

John Kerry was *PICKED* to help Bush get elected. Look up Bush, Kerry, and the CFR title. Beyond that, members of same private frat.

Democrats destroyed loudmouth Dean. No one heard Dean's holler (at a rally, no less), but the DLC destroyed him so Bush would only have to go up against milquetoast Kerry. Natch, the ABB crowd supported Kerry, but given the Republican paradigm, I can see how it seemed sane to reject him and keep Bush. Can't change horses in the middle of the apocalypse.


Iraq, by the way, the country President Bush attacked to FREE them, not to kill them. Did only Lib-Dems miss seeing Bush wink when he said that?

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