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October 22, 2004



read this essay, it 'splains it. lengthy but excellent.


Yearning for the Mud: The Kerry-Heinz Ticket and the Psychotic Party Platform
Listening to John Kerry whip out his plodding French to pander to the sad Haitian vote yesterday put me in a nostalgic frame of mind.

I lived in France for a number of years. I have a lot of French friends. My daughter was conceived in France. I lived in Aix, Paris, and along the Western Front. Unlike others, not all my thoughts of France are negative. But when I consider what the Democratic Party's perverted primary process disgorged as their offering in this year's election, and when I listen to half of it spout execrable French and the other half denigrate mothers and librarians after a career of hunting billionaires to extinction, it brings out the French in me.

When I hear Kerry-Heinz speak, I think "Ah,nostalgie pour la boue." They say that their campaign is about the future. It's not. It is about the past; about nostalgie pour la boue.

The Kerry Campaign is not some expression of deep American values and ideals, but an expression of the lowest realms of American Political life, something that has always been part of our politics -- the subconscious yearning for American defeat.

We saw this in the Revolutionary War with the die-hard monarchists who worked without end to thwart the Revolution and return us to the Crown. We see the same pasty anti-patriotism today in the doddering foolishness of Jimmy Carter and his "one-world" pap.

We saw it again in the traitorous "Copperheads" of the Civil War who worked within the Union for its ruin; that their treason could command a place in history. It did, it gave them a place in historic ignominy.

The Cold War and Vietnam engendered millions who played and protested that this country become less free --- and they did it under the banner of "freedom." They were often, as the years wore on, celebrities or the very rich; those who knew that they could live on the bounty of the society they betrayed. They were also the millions spewed out by the twisted academies that year after year filled up via nepotism with failed socialists, thwarted communists, half-baked artistes, malevolent poets, doomed scribblers and all the other remnants of the intellectually insane of America who couldn't get fat jobs in the mainstream media.

Over time, these elements made up the American Al Queda [Translation from the Arabic -- "the base."] From that base we got decades of insipid, irony-drenched, heavily nuanced and depraved "underground" movements that oozed ever upward until the underground was above ground displaying a few fine tattoos inked deep into its behind.

Indeed, if you cast about today for a carefully contrived political and marital career that paralleled this relentless rise of the underground mud to the surface, you couldn't do better than that of John Kerry. He's in the foreground or background photograph of every movement to defeat and weaken America that has been hatched in this country for the better part of forty years.

Today this movement peaks in these last few weeks in the life of the Kerry-Heinz ticket. [Work with me here in realizing that John Edwards is the greatest political "beard" since, well, Al Gore.] The Kerry-Heinz ticket, along with their millions of so-so supporters, and the legion of celebrities and media personalities, is willing to have others 'bear any burden' so that their little degenerate dream world isn't subsumed by history.

They are consumed by a twisted ideology that has been thriving under the protection of freedom for so long, they do not even realize that what they advocate is the defeat of the only system that allows them to live as degenerate a lifestyle as they like. It's not often that the internal self-loathing of millions is expressed in a serious run at the Presidency, but that's what we're seeing now; the therapeutic culture with teeth on fire.

It is not only dangerous, it is also embarrassing, and becoming more so by the day. What can at last be heard is the sotto voce DeanScream in the now panicked posturing of John Kerry and his lunatic wife.

Listen and you will hear the rantings of people so wealthy, and so deep in the bubble of wealth, that they have no hope of seeing how perverted their ideology actually is. Having wealth that they did not earn, but obtained instead by accident and marriage, makes unable to realize their own net-worth has no bearing on their self-worth. In addition, they will have been careful to surround themselves with sycophants in order that their mellow never be harshed.

It is said that a neurotic is a person just slightly out of touch with reality, but a psychotic is a person totally in touch with reality -- it just happens to be their private reality. That psychosis is what we are seeing in the Kerry-Heinz ticket; a psychotic couple locked together in a psychotic stumbling break-dance, taking an entire party down with them into the crazy place. The screeching and posturing continue unaware that the actual platform their entire party is running on is expressed by: "Democrats: Join with Us in Our Subconscious Desire for American Defeat." While that may appeal to many of their peers who have already degenerated past redemption, it is unlikely to translate into a win.

Still it is worthwhile to ask, faced with such a massive manifestation of the "Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds" just what is going on here? How can so many of our fellow citizens fall "half in love with easeful death?"

When I last looked at this in December, dementia is what I found. It holds even more true today. The only thing that has changed is that, having found a willing host in Kerry-Heinz, the psychosis has metastasized.

What's going on is a massive, subconscious desire on the part of millions of our fellow Americans to ensure that America loses -- not only in Iraq, but in the wider First Terrorist War. But why?

The French have an idiomatic phrase nostalgie pour la boue which means, roughly, "yearning for the mud." Nostalgie pour la boue is a compulsion that comes over people when they have, for complex reasons, a need to immerse themselves in self-degradation. This is a specialty of the French culture.

Nostalgie pour la boue is usually a mix of drink, drugs, and weird sex until the soul is obliterated by the abused flesh. You can see it at its most graphic in the party scenes in the French film, Killing Zoe. Most people try this sort of thing a time or two in their youth, but grow out of it when time, experience, or, in many cases, God gets the upper hand. Others grow out of it via deep psychoanalysis and a few trips to the rehab clinic. Many never kick it and were, in the past, thought of as "perverts" but are now more kindly seen as "differently minded" and left to go their own way in our "consenting " culture.

A minority of the last group manage to make a career of nostalgie pour la boue and are generally known as "celebrities."

There's a lot of cross-over between celebrity culture and media culture. Indeed, it is becoming hard to tell them apart. Both live, for the most part, in an insulated bubble that is impervious to moral, psychological, or political rehabilitation, or exacts the penalty of expulsion from the bubble in the event of such rehabilitation.

I'd like to suggest that there's another kind nostalgie going around in this hybrid culture; one that arises from nostalgie pour la boue, but is more damaging to the body politic: nostalgie pour la défaite.

Nostalgie pour la défaite is that dark state of the soul when an American, who either came of age in the Vietnam era, or who was taught and mentored by a leftist or liberal of that vintage, yearns for the defeat of America. American defeat is then seen as confirmation that his or her world view and social milieu is the right view and right milieu. It is simply "the way things must be."

An America that is ascendant rather than retiring, an America whose policies are aggressive and not apologetic, is an America these lovers of defeat are unequipped to inhabit or report on. They have, quite frankly, an empty tool box when it comes to this task and no raw materials with which to build.

American media personalities and American celebrities with nostalgie pour la défaite are derived from decades of beliefs in an America that is best as a "pitiful, helpless Giant." It is literally the only America they know and their entire professional and personal lives, from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, from the Hamptons to Aspen to Beverly Hills, are based on this grand assumption. They've even had a President that, commuting to and from these locales, confirmed it to them. Their coworkers in their jobs confirm it to them. Their significant others, drawn from the same ranks, confirm it to them. The parties they attend, the awards they give and receive, the places they vacation, the books they read and the films they make and see, all confirm it to them over and over again. It is not only the only America they know, it is the only America they can know.

Anything that confirms the nostalgie pour la défaite is news they can use. Anything that does not, is not, by definition, news at all. Which is why you see so little of it.

In sum, these defeatists are bad and sick Americans raised and trained to desire that, in all things, America should lose and become less of an important force in the world. The results of a weaker America do not concern them. It is only important that America remains weak and hamstrung.

What do they propose in its place? The short form for their vision of the future is "an empowered United Nations." At which point they step from nostalgie pour la défaite into classic nostalgie pour la boue -- the yearning for the mud. In the final analysis, it isn't that big a step.

Which is why, after over two years of rabid campaign activity, the Democrats have come up with the Kerry-Heinz ticket; two do-nothing elitists with a yen for flash UN parties, big summits, long ponderings over Chablis at sunset, and a general prostitution of the core values of America to the world at large. After all, when you look at it, when you really stare at the Kerry-Heinz resumes, who would know more about prostitution than this swinging couple?


I think you will find a common trait among Liberals: they, personally, or their leaders, consider themselves to be intellectually SUPERIOR! They own the truth, and all truth comes from their superior minds.

Anyone else is "common" and INFERIOR.

Try that idea as a test; I think you will find it to be 100% true.



SHEEEEZ, these "brilliant liberals" are so STUPID."

Because Leftists only have a superficial sense of the way the world works. They think it's "smart" to be Leftist because of the way they've been programmed - by other "smart Leftists".

They are the kids who used to get picked last for dodgeball and they're so willing to be accepted by a group, they'll disregard common sense to fit in.

That's why they sneak around in the middle of the night to tear up yard signs, that's why they rant and rage when you disagree with them - you're telling them they throw dodgeballs like a girl.

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