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October 21, 2004



Read "NonZero: The Logic of Human Destiny" by Robert Wright.

Among other things he predicts the War on Terror before 9-11. He shows that because war is so terrible, (Well, losing a war is really terrible.) that first communities, then larger groups, until you get to nations, have formed alliances whose firs purpose has been mutual defense. Trade developed among those same alliances, causing them to become even stronger. Eventually, after thousands of years, we got the modern world.

WWII resulted in the division of Europe between Free West & Soviet Empire. NATO was the union of the Free countries and has become the seedbed that the EU has grown from. Because of WWII, Europe is now united.



There are few problems in life that wouldn't be eased by the proper application of high explosives!


"You you you get back you walleyed flateared guttersnipe"

"Shut your gob, you maniferous pervert... I fart in your general direction!"

With Kerry at the helm, we would cease to be a world power.


Yo Adrian! Well said!

This deserves note:

"5 – Charles Martel, at the battle of Tours, stopped the Muslim invasion that would have turned Western Europe into an Islamic Caliphate and destroyed Western Civilization forever. "

If you recall, there was a similar war vs. Islam going on in the Balkans-before Billy Clinton took sides with the wrong side and bombed Serbia from 20,000 feet-killing civilians (both sides), destroying infrastructure, but not killing many tanks or troops.

However, the threat of a ground war (and a few Navy SEALS) made Malosovich cave and pretty much gave the Islamists a second wind. Their appreciation? Reverse ethnic cleansing and spread of Islamic terrorism into Macedonia and the surrounding countries.

War, what is it good for? It stops the bad guys...but make sure you pick the right side-else you end up making things worse.

Wightman Weese

"War is hell," was a quote attributed to William Sherman during the Civil War. But sometimes a worse hell is not standing up for freedom and justice--of oneself and of other oppressed people. Someone said "A country not worth dying to protect is a country not worth living in."

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