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September 08, 2004


Ice Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Thank goodness cooler, more mature heads are in charge of the GOP, otherwise you'd have the Vice-President warning us that the wrong vote would result in a horrible terrorist attack or surrogates of the President telling us that we might gay if we find that the Bush economy has been disappointing.

This One Guy.

Or campaign ads that feature HITLER and a bunch of ANGRY DEMOCRATS.


If I bring up John Kerry family history, John Kerry says that his mother worked for the Red Cross during WWII, in France. That he was with her in
1944, walking in what was left of his mothers house in France. If this is the case then he made have been born in France and only was listed as being born in the USA. Where his father was
living. I be3lieve it is the practice to list a child of Americans born outside of America as being born in the USA.

Does anyone know if I'm right or not?

Thank you,



Another question?

John Kerry made some interesting comments while at Yale. His anti-American statements (yes)with a underlineing pro-North Viet Nam comments. It seems that when he was young marching in France with his mother under the North Viet Nam flag. Listerning to those speeches in his France home by North Viet Nam students carry over to his speeches at Yale. One reason that Kerry may want to have his Navy records seal is that the Navy question his loyal to America while having North Viet Nam Communist students living in his mother house in France.



If the GOP was a hundredth as nasty as the Democrats are, we would be seeing wall to wall TV ads featuring spliced film of Hitler's Browshirts and today's 'peace protestors'. The only difference, of course, is that such an ad would actually reflect the truth.

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