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September 08, 2004



I learn everytime I read his stuff.

Always Right

So about $20,000 per year is poverty in this country? In Vietnam you would be considered royalty making that much money.

Always Right

You know about half of the people in poverty are homeowners. Most have computers and cable TV and cars. What is defined as poverty is a joke.


I live in an area that has a high 'poverty' rate. We call them college students.


I think this was discussed a week ago. IIRC, transfer payments, government assistance and benefits do not factor into the earnings of those declared in poverty.


"What is defined as poverty is a joke."

Are you volunteering to live their life - you seem to think it's just hunky-dory? There is/has been a 'dumbell-shaped' economy developing in the US for quite some time now. Increases in both extreme ends of the distribution (IMHO). Along with that there appears to be what looks like a permanent under-class, who have little if any skills and an apparent lack of interest in gaining any. The middle class seems to be disappearing with a good deal of downward pressure coming from the loss of manufacturing jobs, increased productivity, illegal aliens, and outsourcing. I think a waise politician would take note of the changes and pressures and at least speak to them, ala 'turning the corner' and saying there is hope - as compared to saying how 'well off' our citizens in 'poverty' are.


"You know about half of the people in poverty are homeowners. Most have computers and cable TV and cars. What is defined as poverty is a joke
Something I noticed today on my ride into work...."

I recently got a DirecTV Satellite service (with TIVO, its GREAT!). So I am thinking, I finally reached the big time. Anyways, on my way to work, on the train, we pass through this poor neighborhood.. lets just say that I wouldn't house my DOG (if I had one) in this neighborhood. Well lo and behold, about 80% of the homes there had these dishes! Freaking these poor people were watching SATELLITE TV! I wonder if these are the same people who have Cellular phones as well...


We keep getting invaded by illegal crimanl Mexican alien workers who don't pay most taxes and qualify as in the poverty level. They inturn. displace blacks who are defined as in the poverty level. Thus, the key to this statistic is securing the borders and sending the illegals back home. Overnight, the poverty level will drop. So will crime, property taxes, auto accidents, trouble in schools the lines in the emergency rooms and so on.


I'd like to know how many of these folks who are living in poverty are here illegally and what percentage are first generation from those who are here illegally.


"Well lo and behold, about 80% of the homes there had these dishes!"

yep, the roof's caving in, and the only way these people know is because they can't get channel 624 on the dish. Gots no money, but they're driving around in hoop-de's with $2000 wheels and $5000 worth of stereo equipment.

Oh, the humanity!


familyofman is an advocate of what Thomas Sowell calls "the wino veto."

The truth is that the "lowest quintile" is not a fixed cohort of people who are born into poverty and never make any money, but a dynamic group which is loaded with young people just starting out. Some of whom are "poor" because they didn't earn anything until June when they graduated from college and therefore show only half a year's salary on their tax returns. People who were in the lowest quintile ten years ago are more likely to be in the top quintile today than to still be in the lowest one.

There are some people who do stay in the lowest quintile all their lives, tho - they're called "winos." And it is on behalf of the winos that the Democratic Party would have us make our economic policy to the detriment of those with a trace amount of economic initiative in them.

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