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I am basically a Libertarian Republican Hawk. I hate overregulation of business and am a hawk on national defense.

I am always struggling with what I think government should and should not do.

I generally agree with Libertarian principals but still approve of government funding of an aggressive foreign policy and a necessary military as well as scientifically justified environmental protection and scientific research.

Trained in science at Brooklyn Technical High School and MIT, I've been an atheist 'till recently. I don't need "God" to explain how the universe got here but I do need God to get where I want to go - immortality and justice. I consider Jesus Christ to be the exemplar of our species and our greatest teacher.

I am a Shriner Minuteman and a Mason and my wife and I own a Translation Company, I'm a Vietnam era Navy veteran, Have a 36 year old son (PhD in Genetics), a 2 year old Grandson (and another on the way) and an 9 year old daughter who's the light of my life.


I have proposed a new theology - THE THEOLOGY OF THE MODERN ERA - I simply believe that man, with his science and technology, will create God and an afterlife in the future to reward the Good and punish the evil and that Jesus will be our judge