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October 06, 2004


Always Right

Reminds me of Gore when he was looking at the busts of Jeffereson, Washington and others and asking the host who those guys were.

Semper Vigilantis

To: AdrianSpidle

Hay! Eye wendt two publik skool to! I recent that remake aboat publik skoolz. ;)

Seriously, I attended military schools until High School, then went public. Of course that was 30 years ago. My stepson went to public school and try as my wife & I might there just weren't enough hours in the day to deprogram him.

Luckily he woke up on his own before it was too late. I'd say 4 out of 5 of his friends are unemployable idiots that can't make change with a calculator!


A child's education is what you, as a parent, make it.

My kids all go to public schools, where my wife volunteers, and they are doing just fine.

We're not poor by any means.


Dick Cheney said last night that he's a product of public schooling.

Come to think of it, so am I. I am neither foolish nor left-wing.

I'm starting to resent your remarks.

Adrian Spidle

To: Xenalyte

I'm also a product of public schools but that was a long time ago.

The Teachers Unions have destroyed our schools.



Once again I will say that not all public schools are bad. Ours is great. We have approximately 90% of our graduates go on to college, and we have had several receive appointments to Annapolis and West Point. Our average ACT score is well above 20.

Not all public schools are alike, just like not all private schools are the same, nor homeschool.


"Two reasons why only poor folks or fools send their children to public schools"

First off, that is an insult to my family and myself. I am a product of public school -a suburban school in a conservative community. Discipline and opportunity is something I found in my school that nobody in the area had.

"Not all public schools are alike, just like not all private schools are the same, nor homeschool."

This is a great statement. Depending upon local values, tax base, and political involvement, education can be good or bad. My school was one of the best in the area and many people who had come from different area schools or other states said it was a great school also. So if any of you people think fools send their children to public school, you can all STFU...for I consider that an insult against myself and my parents.

Edited to add the burning fire inside.


I'm with you and hcpper on this one, Reloaded. I, too, was fortunate to attend a very good public school. Yes, there are problems with the public school system, no doubt about it. But there are still millions of Americans who receive a solid, well-rounded education from public schools.


Man it gets old people always thinking private school is the greatest. I went to private school for my last four years of school and I can tell you, I learned far more in the public schools then I did in the private school. I was in all honors classed while in public school then went to private school where I was bored out of my mind. Both of my kids go to public schools and they are in the gifted classes. They are both very bright kids..... Amazing in a public school system kids can actually be smart.

Private school and home schooling are not always the best answer... It depends on the situation.

Please stop assuming that just because you go to public school you're either stupid or poor... You know what happens when you assume.......

Arrogant Adrian

Listen my conservative friends, my perspective is of a conservative in Massachusetts where the disease of Left Liberalism totally controls the public schools and universities. I really feel I would have to be an idiot to let those knee jerk lefty teachers and even talk to my precios daughter.

Yes the teachers in Montessori Educare school that she attends are all liberal, but -

1 - they follow an excellent curriculum that is devoid of Left Liberalism and,

2 - they actually listen to me when I tell them I don't want to hear that they're promoting their political ideas in her class.

Sorry if I insulted some of you, but as a product of the long ago but excellent public school system of New York City, I know what I know.

The Public Schools of Massachusetts are more about indoctrination than learning. Maybe your state is different, but I am skeptical, especially if your teachers are unionized and if your state is a Democrat state.


One main reason is.......

Well, err, I would have thought......

Poor folks just don't have the thousands of pounds/dollars to send them to Private Schools.

I dunno ... call me stoopid but that *might* be the main reason!!

This shows how you guys think ... or not as the case shows!!!

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