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October 15, 2004


Choose Ye This Day

To: Adrian Spidle

What the heck is Right Nation US?

I've NEVER heard of that. Yet Rush, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, etc. are constantly mentioning FR.


FR is the "stickiest" site on the net. Means that people log on and stay on. So we FReepers are less likely to leave the FRiendly confines of FR to check out other sites, even good ones. That's all it means.


To: Adrian Spidle

"This amazes me because Right Nation US restricts and manages posters very closely and requires payment to have full access. Yet their members are the most thoughtful of any. "

It amazes you that people who are serious enough to pay are automatically more thoughtful than the anonymous riff-raff who can come and go as they please here?


I think it's interesting that you would say that about RN because I rarely see it mentioned on other sites. I don't frequent FreeRepublic all that much, I find it hard to get through (probably because I'm used to the format on RN). I read Power Line & Shape of Days every day but never post there. And I check out Swift Vets a lot too.

As far as intelligent commentary, I haven't read any other site that matches RN for that. I don't just mean our Righter's Blog...I mean the posts on this site. The members here are insightful, informed, creative, funny, responsible and open to discussion and debate. There's no place on the internet that I've found that even comes close to it.


I left Free Republic 6 years ago! They are too
restrictive on free debate!!
They are the the Repub equivalent of the
Democrat Underground!!

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