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September 27, 2004



Cogito ergo, War?
The ability simply to think, does not necessarily guarantee the ability to reason, lead or defend; any more than the words on a bumper sticker can guarantee the rights to bear arms instead of children, regardless of if you rent a trailer, own a manson or occupy the "White" House.


re: "Steve passionately asked for our forgiveness."

MSM contends WAR destroyed vets' lives.

Truth is, the LIARS about the war (Kerry, Fonda, Clinton, Cronkite, et al) disrupted far more lives.

Philip Willliams

I am still looking for some site which posts the "lies" Kerry told. If he overstated his case, like Bush about Iraq, then he should be chastised (but Bush should not be???). American atrocities (Calley and others) were and are well documented so please don't say they didn't happen. I am retired Navy and I protested in 71 and 72 and I think those protests saved lives. Our government was incapable of decisive action and only in response to these protests did we ever get out of Vietnam. If more people had, like Kerry, raised hell sooner, fewer would have died. PS: anybody mad about George Bush dodging the draft and going into the Guard with his family pull? or are you just raving Bushkissers all? If you are please get your kids to volunteer to go to Iraq so my son won't have to because that war was a lie going in and it will be a lie going out.


The lie he told was that atrocities were a "day to day occurance" which happened with the full knowledge and approval of "all levels of the chain of command".

That's an outright LIE.

No one has ever claimed there weren't attrocities. But they weren't a result of policy, they weren't approved by "all levels" of the chain of command and they weren't a daily occurrance. And when they did occur, those that committed them were arrested and punished.


Gosh, what an excellent summarization of the Republican worldview!


Interesting post.

Too bad it's bullshit.

Al-Qaeda had nine months to quiver in their boots about Bush's new attitude towards national defense before they took out the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (and who knows what target the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania was heading for). They didn't quiver. They didn't call anything off.

And there's every indication that their ranks have swelled since Bush went and invaded Iraq.


"And there's every indication that their ranks have swelled since Bush went and invaded Iraq."

That's okay. It's better to fight Al-Qaeda "over there" than in the U.S.. In fact, the bigger, more ferocious the war gets, the better.


when 9/11 occured bush was a"compassionate conservative' no one including the taliban expected the response that was given by bush. you are barking up the wrong tree cypher.

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