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September 24, 2004



A few months ago, a wise Freeper (I forget which one) posted a theory called 'social darwinism' which stated that the rats are weak and the pubbies are strong because of the way the biased media treats them both. I wish I could find that post again.

The G Man

Been thinking the same thing myself, that this would move CBS to the right. Perhaps bring the other 2 to the center as well.


CBS become more conservative? I've been wonding why some business maven in one of the big 3 has not instituted this change since the rise of Fox. The one more conservative broadcast network would make a BUNDLE.

Mike Bates

"The one more conservative broadcast network would make a BUNDLE."

But money is secondary to many who enter the media. Changing the world for the better (through Leftism) is often more of a priority.

San Jacinto

It has been perfectly logical for a MS network to convert to fair and balanced reporting for many, many years--profit motive and all that. This is now especially true for CBS--the little kid on the block.

However, the culture is far too strong. They would rather go out of business than be accussed by their media brothers of going conservative. When Rather leaves (I say this December) they will be just as biased as always. At least I would bet so.


Perhaps the thesis that CBS will move right is supported by the Viacom Chairman's announcement today that he supports Bush!


To: AdrianSpidle
Good article!!!!
Loved this:

"In other words, they are blinded by their ideology and can’t see what the real world could teach them about their noble sounding ideas. In other words, as smart and highly “educated” as they may be – They can’t tell their asses from their elbows."


This explains PERFECTLY who REALLY lives in a fantasy world...and we all know that! These jerks cannot grow up....to do so would mean they have to face the fact that their basic ideology is a farce.

Bob Eimiller

Don't hold your breath.... Liberal ideology doesn't disappear because of economic pressures... the left thoroughly permeates the media!!!

The G Man

My prediction is that CBS cleans house in the news division, top to bottom, and puts back something much farther to the right of NBC and ABC.


I'm a mechanical engineer. I long ago developed my own grand theory of politics and economics based on feedback and information theory. When you look at the left closely, what you see is that ALL their theories are either positive or zero feedback theories (in other words, they are doomed to collapse). Libertarians and conservatives are both negative feedback philosophies, so that is why they are the only two worth looking at (and why the two coexist on Free Republic).

I even wrote a book called No Limits To Wealth to explain all this, it deserves a rewrite. Maybe with the help of Freepers it's time to bring it out.


"The elite media has always helped perpetuate this fatal flaw by denying them the knowledge of the real world effects of their schemes by refusing to cover any instances that might contradict their prejudices."

"This nation was designed from the beginning to be self correcting so that mistakes would be noticed and corrected shortly after they occurred. It was the takeover of the Academy and the Elite Media by practitioners of Proletarian Ideology that broke the self correcting feedback loop that a truly independent or balanced press had been at the center of."

"In other words, our society was deprived of the data that made self correction possible."

Yes, the compulsion of the liberal media to ignore information, ideas, and concepts that are counter to liberal orthodoxy results in a lack of full coverage of the issues of the day--at best. At worst, people are being continuously misled about their options (i.e., only liberal "solutions" are championed). In any case, this means the electorate is not being well served or informed by an obvioulsy biased media. Unfortunately, another dimension of this problem lies within academia which almost pre-conditions people to accept liberal dogma.


"Been thinking the same thing myself, that this would move CBS to the right. Perhaps bring the other 2 to the center as well."

I had been thinking this is what I would do if I ran C-BS. But I am dubious about it happening. Seemed to me like you would pretty much have to fire the whole news division, and start over.

Patriotic Mom

You wrote: In other words, our society was deprived of the data that made self correction possible.

I agree with your hypothesis, but how do we ensure that the data will be available to all reasonable Americans? Even though we take enormous pleasure from the C-BS meltdown, there are reams of leftists within the rest of the media and academia to deal with.


I also agree with most of what you wrote, but am much more cynical about their ability to change their stripes.

"In other words, they are blinded by their ideology and can’t see what the real world could teach them about their noble sounding ideas. In other words, as smart and highly “educated” as they may be – They can’t tell their asses from their elbows"

My dad, USAF during Korea, had a term for them, "Educated Idiots." They are so immersed in their book learning that they have no common sense and no idea as to how to apply (or reject) what they have learned to real world situations. And they have no learning mechanism for understanding what common sense is unless it bites them on the nose.

While I really want our country to remember the common sense of the ages, I don't have a lot of hope that things will turn around at this point. Sadly, things haven't gotten bad enough yet for a large body of the population to know and understand what real hardship is, as opposed to what their perception of hardship is. They have no concept of what real freedom is because they've never had to fight for it, defend it, or do without it, so it means nothing to them other than it gives them the opportunity to be as hateful and odious as they please without reprecussion.

I guess my hope is that you are right and I am proven wrong. My fear is that I'm right, and things are going to have to get worse, much worse, before the liberal left wakes up and smells the stench that they have helped create.


Could be possible, Rush was talking about the chief exec at Viacom saying they were backing Bush because the Republican Party was good for Viacom. It makes great business sense, maybe use Hannity as the newsanchor.


We seen a revolution these last few weeks. In a matter of hours a bunch of ordinary people who have no forensics background and no government position alerted to world to the fradulant nature of the memos and the man who said that experts had determined that they were authentic. This revolution was about more than memos, technology, and fradulant broadcasters. It was about giving power to the people, and nothing can take that power away as long as the internet continues to function.

Do we need data to fine-tune our government? It's on the internet. Do we need informaion about communitity events. It's on the the internet. Do we need weather informaion? It's on the internet. Do we want to know who the latest political crook is? It's on the internet. Granted, there is much misinformation on the internet, and we need to learn to filter out the inappropiate noise, but we're learning to do that, as evidenced by the success with the memo frauds. c-BS can do what they want to try and recover viewship, but for many people the televised newscast is becoming irrelevant.


This is frigging prophetic. You are soo right here. The Mainstream Media no longer gate keeps what we see, and the internet is one reason, Fox news being independent of the other media opinions is another, albiet lesser reason. The internet is the future and the interface between information, politics, polling, and citizen involvement will evolve in the next ten years beyond what we can comprehend. That is for sure. Also for sure is that the infromation sources of 20 years ago, CBS, NBC, ABC, and their editors and anchormen, and the newspapers and their writers are nothing but a nostalgic moment in history.

I'ts over Danny boy, NYT, MSM, network news...
It is a new day, and truth will prevail on a new medium, and thank god.


A Kerry administration would look to put some kind of controls on the internet, something to squelch the criticism.

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