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July 23, 2004


Always Right

To: AdrianSpidle
Any tax cut stimulates the economy. The problem with Democrats is they usually want to give 'tax cuts' to people who don't pay taxes.

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"Democrat tax cuts" is an oxymoron.

We will never see one in our lifetimes.

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So Democrat tax cuts create minimum wage jobs while Republican tax cuts create family income producing jobs ...

posted by mpreston

Andrew J. Lazarus

Yes, the Bush tax cut has so far created over -1MM jobs, and the Clinton tax increases lost -14MM jobs. That makes it all clear.


Democrat tax cuts are always temporary give-aways to their middle, low and no income constituents and are supposed to “stimulate” the economy when they are spent at McDonalds or Target. (Though there are more of these people than any other "class" of Americans, they appear to be "noise" and not "real" to the
Republicans party.)
Republican tax cuts are MARGINAL TAX RATE CUTS that increase the slope of the economy’s trend line. When individuals or companies plan future enterprises, the MTR is always prominent in the Pro Forma they will use to determine whether the proposed enterprise is worth doing in the first place. If they decide to go ahead with a proposed job creating enterprise, the Pro Forma will be the tool they use to raise the necessary capital to start their new business (or division) that will create jobs.
(That satement "if" above is a big "I F" in that those with the "funds" use those for themselves first and always.)


>>So Democrat tax cuts create minimum wage jobs while Republican tax cuts create family income producing jobs ...<<

And all together the republicrats do all they can to drive ALL wages down to third world levels, because that's good for the "economy." And if they can't do that, then the republicrats pass laws to make it really lucrative for them to move the jobs out of the country. And because that increases their profit margin, that's "good."

What is wrong with you people? You think when a CEO gets a $10 million raise for cutting 70,000 jobs, we all win.

Today is my birthday... 40!!! AHH! So I can be brutally frank... you're all out of your fucking heads. But since you all think I'm out of my head, I suppose you take that as a compliment! It's a shame neither of us cares what the other thinks of us. We could probably all learn from each other if we weren't so busy hating each other.



Yeah, Bush's tax cuts have done wonders for the economy. Trickle-down economics fails completely when the corporations outsource everything.


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Republicans Hate America


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